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Making sure your investment in advertisements is putting you in front of the audience you want? Perry SEO’s pay-per-click strategy solutions afford you a custom paid ad campaign strategy, an increase in new and existing customer engagement, and result in higher-yield sales from Google Ads. Continue scrolling to learn more about what a successful PPC strategy consultant does and how it will benefit your business goals and explode your conversion rate.

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PPC Advertising: What is it?

PPC (otherwise known as “pay-per-click”) Advertising is a paid search strategy that places either a text, audio, or visual advertisement at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Your business pays for these ads ONLY when a customer clicks on the ad. The more competitive the advertised keyword, the more your business will pay for the ad.

PPC is great exposure for your business because it puts the ad to your website at the very top of the SERP above the organic results!

PPC is an effective strategy to add to your digital marketing campaign because it attracts highly-qualified customers to the website which result in more leads and higher sales.

Why is PPC Consulting Services Important?

PPC Consulting Services are important in the online market because search engine algorithms change frequently and require heavy attention for correct optimization. Perry SEO’s experts manage your business’ PPC strategy, optimization, reporting, and creative construction. We provide a custom PPC advertising strategy that targets your business objectives while staying within your desired budget. These custom PPC services include: advertising strategy, target market research, keyword research, ad creation, automation of ad bidding and ad placement, and up-to-date optimized ads & reporting.

Perry SEO PPC Ad Types

Being an online digital marketing company, Perry SEO assists companies in scaling sponsored search to help generate a good ROI and achieve business objectives. Paid text advertisements are available from Perry SEO, and they can appear on search engines like Google and Bing. Using Perry SEO’s PPC advertisements platform, there are numerous demographic options to consider when developing a PPC campaign and audience. Your company can assist in selecting and setting particular categories, such as real-time keywords, gender, marital status, geography, income, etc., in collaboration with your dedicated campaign success manager.

Perry’s PPC consulting services stand out because of the way our system manages expenditure in real time depending on your campaign goals to enhance conversion rates and ROI. In order to help your business achieve its objectives, our team will alter how much of your daily budget is spent on selected keywords when it detects increased engagement.

Perry SEO offers fully-manual changes (based on business goals) at any time to better adjust for keywords and demographics than any automated system could because of our ability to understand Google’s algorithm.

Why Perry SEO is the Right Choice for PPC Consulting

  • Personal Touch – Many large-scale digital marketing companies cannot offer you the personal insights you require to attain the success for your PPC campaign. At Perry SEO, we prioritize our customers and ensure your marketing goals will voiced and aligned with the marketing strategy discussed prior. Instead of having to email a large customer service team, we are ONE call away from improving your business’ PPC strategy.
  • Years of Experience – Perry SEO has been making huge differences for small businesses in NC since 2020. Our digital marketing services has been utilized by various types of business between the $1 – $30 million revenue range. Whether you own/manage a smaller or larger business, Perry SEO has the capability to help you expand your market share and dominate the online marketplace.
  • Licensed PPC Advertising Consultants – Although many digital marketing companies offer PPC services, not all of them are correctly certified. Perry SEO consultants are Google certified and fully capable of providing top-notch PPC service & strategy at a personal level. We understand which strategies work best for a range of industries within the North Carolina border. Perry SEO’s experts will manage and provide the success your business needs from a PPC campaign.
  • Grow Brand Awareness & Dominate the Online Market – Gaining brand recognition gives your company the chance to advertise your goods and services to people who are in need of them. Perry SEO offers a technique to successfully increase brand awareness while guiding and positioning your company through PPC consultancy services. As a result, your business will rank above your competition in the searches that matter most.
  • Get Highly Qualified Leads – There are plenty of digital marketing options that push growth through lead generation. PPC advertisements are easily-visible and are among the best lead generation solutions. Perry SEO helps improve your businesses PPC lead generation by placing your business ads in highly-relevant search results on the Google search engine.

Process of Perry SEO’s PPC Consulting Services

  1. Contact
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Putting PPC Campaign in Action
  4. Final Steps
  5. Publishing the Campaign