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Find out how your website ranks against your competition, how strong is your website health, and action items to fix to rank higher on the SERP for your NC customers and earn more website visits.

What You Will Receive:

Overall Website Score/Health

This tells us the functionality of your website & how it performs online and how it can be fixed to result in more traffic, actionable leads, and revenue for your small business.

Organic Search Analysis

Which keywords are your ideal customers using? Knowing this data is crucial to choose the right keywords for the right purpose for an excellent SEO strategy. This helps attain targeted traffic to your website, with a high chance of conversion.

Mobile Usability Analysis

Search engines crawl websites on mobile devices first, so it is important to know how functional & responsive your website is on multiple mobile devices to help explain what can be fixed for increased search rankings.

Backlink Analysis

Ensuring your backlinks come from both quality websites & maintain a high quantity of sites helps build your website’s authority on Google’s search enginge.

Social Media Presence (if applicable)

Although social presence is NOT a direct ranking factor for SEO, it is important to know what number of people connect through your social media platforms and what public opinion is about your business.